Duck Life 4 unblocked


About Duck Life 4 Game

Duck Life 4 is an awesome video game, the fourth installment of the Duck Life series game that is extremely popular in the world. Created by Wix Games in March 2010, this is considered as the most interesting installment of Ducklife series game. In this game, your main mission is to train multiple ducks to compete for the tournaments and beat the Fire Duck. With addictive gameplay and enhanced mechanics, Duck Life 4 is really a great flash game to play and enjoy.


As mentioned above, the main mission of you in this game is to train your multiple ducks and send them to compete in the tournaments. In order to do that, first of all, you need to choose your own egg at the Egg Pick stage. After that, create your own duck and train it. For the first time, the duck is so weak and you need to feed it. After that, you can send your duck to Joe - running trainer to train your duck. After training, it is the time to send your duck to the tournaments and compete with many other ducks. Each tournament consists of three races in a row without breaks and you can select the different duck in each race. Your main objective is to win the tournament to unlock the new area.

There are total six different areas including Grassland, Swamp, Mountains, Glacier, City, and Volcano. Each area offers a different terrain and all of them are very challenges. In addition, this game offers a Shop for you to visit and purchase something interesting for your ducks.

Prepare to train

Most of your time in Ducllife 4 is spent on training the duck, so, this is an important period of time. The strategy for this game is that you should use only one duck. Although as I mentioned above, you can train up to 6 ducks in this game, there isn't any real benefit to doing so and you totally can use the same duck for all the races. This strategy will help you to focus on training only one duck. This also means you can train your duck better.

There are total 6 skills that you need to train your duck including running, swimming, climbing, flying, jumping, and energy. For each skill, this game introduces a new trainer and ability for your duck to master. When you start the game, you will see a running trainer named Joe at the Grassland. Let's send your duck to Joe and he will help you to train it. In addition, in Swamp, your duck will be trained swimming, in Mountains, it will be trained flying, etc. But these skills aren't necessary before you reaching their location.

Difference between Ducklife 4 and previous installments

  • In Ducklife 4, there are 2 versions for players. One of them is available to play on Mobile devices and the rest version is the original version.
  • You can train up to 6 different ducks in this game instead of only 1 in previous installments.
  • You can unlock up to five different sessions for a certain type of training in each area by beating a tournament from the last area.
  • In this installment, you can train Jumping for your duck in the City.
  • The game offers Shop and you can purchase Haircuts, Costumes, and New Ducks in it.
  • You can race with the challenger outside of the tournaments.
  • You are able to choose different ducks to race in each tournament.

 How to Play:

  • Use arrow keys to control your Duck
  • Feed the Duck by using the mouse
  • Use the buttons 1-2-3-4 to dodge all the obstacles in the Reactions.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Let's train your Duck as long as possible. This can help you to level up your Duck rapidly and easier to win the tournament.
  • Each skill will be very useful in different levels, so let's train your Duck well in all skills.
  • There are lots of interesting and useful things in the Shop, so let's equipped your Duck with items in Shop.

Ducklife 4 Unblocked:

With cute graphics, addictive gameplay, and enhanced mechanics, we can't deny that Ducklife 4 is really a great game to play and enjoy. Playing this game with your friend at school and challenging each other is really interesting, right? However, most of the schools, offices, and many other areas block the gaming sites. This means it is very difficult to play Ducklife 4 in these areas.

If you are also get this trouble, Ducklife 4 unblocked game is the best choice for you. On, we provide you with ducklife 4 unblocked version for free. With this version, you can freely play and enjoy this interesting game anywhere and whenever you want. Moreover, on this site, we offer full of titles of this series game including ducklife, ducklife 2, ducklife 3, and ducklife 4. All of them are unblocked, so, you can enjoy full this series game just on one site.

Now, it's the time to jump into the game world, train your ducks, and send them to the tournaments. Let's go!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to equip a hat on your duck?

In order to equip a hat or any other accessories on the duck, you need to go the the Shop and purchase the accessories. After that, you will be moved to a new board. There, you choose the duck that you want to equip a hat or anything else. Remind that you have to use your coins to purchase, so, make sure that you have enough coins.

How to get levels quick?

How to get levels quick in Ducklife 4 is a common question of players. In fact, in order to levels up fast, you need to train your duck frequently. Try to complete all the training and use the Ducklife 4 tips and tricks above to level up fast.


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